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Alice Bailey's 10-point Plan

(written November 26, 2013)

I want to take a little bit of time to shed light on Alice Bailey's 10-point plan. If you are not familiar with her, look her up, her contributions to society are worth knowing. I would also like to note that she died in 1949. She basically developed a plan that would be a fail-proof way to usher in the new world order. Here are the points of her 10-point plan:

She said: “Change curriculum to ensure that children are freed from the bondage of Christian culture. Why? Because children go to school to be equipped to face life, they are willing to trust and they are willing to value what is being given to them. If you take God out of education, they will unconsciously form a resolve that God is not necessary to face life. They will focus on those things the school counts them worthy to be passed on and they will look at God as an additional, if one can afford the additional.”

She said: “Break the communication between parent and child.” 

(Why?)  So that parents do not pass on their Christian traditions to their children, liberate children from the bondage of their parent's traditions.

(How?)  a)  Promote excessive child rights; Child rights legislation – UNICEF Charter; Today a child is able to say to parent ‘I do not want to hear that, I don’t want to (or have to) do what you are telling me. If you beat me I will call child protection services. 

b)  Abolish corporal punishment; (this has been made law). On the other hand the Bible says ‘Do not withhold correction from a child, for if you punish them with a rod, they will not die. Punish them with the rod and save them from death.’ (Proverbs 23: 13-14)  Educators are no longer able to discipline children physically [in some cases by talking to them either]. (
NOTE:  Jesus said in the last days – wickedness will increase, there will be rebellion and children will not obey their parents. It is not a trend-it is organized (Matt 10:21)

c) Schools are the agents of implementation (because where do most children spend most of their awake time?) – teachers tell children "you need to discover yourself"; self expression, self realization, self fulfillment are all buzz words.

She said: “Liberate the people from the confines of this structure. It is oppressive and the family is the core of the nation. If you break the family, you break the nation.”

(Why?) So that the youth will not grow up with a sense of belonging, identity or structure.

(How?) a) Promote sexual promiscuity – free young people to the concept of premarital sex, let them have free sex, lift it so high that the joy of enjoying it (sex) is the highest joy in life, fantasize it, that everybody will feel proud to be seen to be sexually active, even those outside of marriage.

b) Use advertising industry, media – T.V., magazines, film industry to promote sexual enjoyment as the highest pleasure in humanity. (Propaganda)
Have they succeeded? Have they done it? If you want to see whether they have succeeded or not, go to the advertising industry, it does everything to catch your attention and today almost no advert comes out without a sexual connotation. Even when they advertise ice cream, they must show you a thigh of a woman and a bikini, they must do something to set off a trail of thoughts. They will show you more thighs than ice cream. Even pine-sol is sexy these days! Why? Because, that is what must be in the minds of the people. 


She said: “Build clinics for abortion and put health clinics in schools. If people are going to enjoy the joy of sexual relationships, they need to be free of unnecessary fears. In other words, they should not be hampered by unwanted pregnancies and diseases.”

‘Abortion as told by Christians is oppressive and denies our rights, we have a right to choose whether we want to have a child or not. If a woman does not want the pregnancy, she should have the freedom to get rid of that pregnancy in the easiest and painless way possible’. Besides, if you carry the unwanted pregnancy, then give them up for adoption, that system is so unkind to them - so just get rid of them and spare them that life and the hindering of yours.

*This also ties into the strategy to curb population control together with the use of condoms and ‘pill’ (Eugenics).

She said: Love has got a mysterious link called the love bond. It is like an ovum that comes out of the ovary, as it travels through your system, it clicks a love favor in you and there’s one other person in the world who can respond to that love bond, when you see that person, everything within you clicks, that is your man/woman, if you miss him, you’ll never be happy until that love bond cycles past, for many years, so for you to be happy get that person at whatever cost. If it means getting him/her out of that marriage, get him/her that is your man/woman. It’s a mistake for him/her to be elsewhere. And if you go together for sometime and find that love has died, don’t be held in bondage by the Christian values. It will never come back, what you need is an easily arranged divorce and allow another love bond to come forth, just like an ovum comes up, and when it comes forth you’ll enjoy life again.

Why? So the youth will not feel they must stay tied down to one person. This will also promote multiple sex partners. We must be free to enjoy life, not tied to one person for eternity.  This will also produce broken homes and possibly broken children who will carry the brokeness forward.

How: Degrade the value of marriage over time. Decrease the difficulty of getting a divorce by advertising divorce law and making it an easy and understandable process to obtain one.

Note: People ENTER into marriage having signed contracts of how they will share their things after divorce. In other words, people enter with one foot and another behind. Divorce is way more common today that it was, say, 50 years ago. Marriage is now treated like a high school relationship - easy come…easy go.

She said: Enjoying sexual intercourse is the highest pleasure in humanity. No one must be denied or restricted in how to enjoy themselves. People should be allowed to experience sex however they want, whether it is homosexuality, incest or bestiality, as long as the two agree.

WHY: to demolish the restraint of tradition that establishes sex between a man and woman, to further the agenda of population control, to abolish creation roles and to incorporate the satanic mantra "do what thou wilt"

HOW: Preach tolerance and acceptance. Give the homosexuals a voice in numbers, as the numbers grow: tolerance and acceptance will too. Pass laws and implement legislation that legalizes gay marriage and shuns "hate speech". Silence the voice of the preacher in the pulpit through 501c3. Put it everywhere it is now forbidden: on tv, on billboards, in church. Advertise it! Encourage foods that increase estrogens in males (like soy). Males will no longer grow to be strong fathers in a traditional home as they will have no desire (

She said: The arts are one of the primary keys to changing culture.

WHY? To break down social norms of what is acceptable and forbidden. To encourage creative expression of self outwardly and inwardly in whatever way is pleasing to the individual. To corrupt the minds of the youth into accepting what was once forbidden as normal.

HOW? Promote new forms of art which will corrupt and defile the imagination of people because art is the language of the spirit, that which is inside, you can bring it out in painting, music, drama etc.

Note: Look at the quality, spirituality and message of the art, music and the films that are coming out present day and think about how that has changed drastically (and in provocative ways) throughout history. 

She said: The greatest way to change human attitude is media (again, the arts).

WHY: To foster groupthink around normalizing deviant behavior; to encourage pleasure over social norms; to revise the social norms in accordance with the NWO.

HOW: Use the press, the radio, T.V, cinema, any form of public media to influence people in the way you want them to think! Break up the traditional home by using media to encourage females to be independent and to "have their own" or to "not need a man". This will further deteriorate the traditional "long-term" family structure.

Note: So much money is pumped into media and advertising and the spreading of violence, pornographic material and other sources. Sex outside of marriage is thrown in your face 80-90 times more than sex in marriage through media. Promiscuity is being promoted as natural, you watch gay sex on T.V. in homes where children’s minds (and yours) are being neutralized to sensitivity to these things . Everything is promoted in a sensual way, even pine sol is advertised on tv by using sex! So those who believe it is just art, it is art, but with an agenda!

SHE SAID: “Promote other faiths to be at par with Christianity, and break this thing about Christianity as being the only way to heaven, by that Christianity will be pulled down and other faiths promoted.”

WHY: To increase the levels of tolerance & acceptance among man that all religions are equal thereby promoting a false peace; to employ the thought that all religions/spirituality lead to God; to lay the groundwork that will usher in the one-world religion

HOW: promote the importance of man in determining his own future and destiny” – HUMANISM. “Tell man he has the right to choose what he wants to be and he can make it happen, he has the right to determine his cause.”


SHE SAID: “the church must change its doctrine and accommodate the people by accepting these things and put them into its structures and systems.”

How?: mainly through the implementation of the points 1-9 and 501c3s. Convince people to grow numbers and the rest will come.

why? To usher in the new world order in a almost seamless effort.

Have they succeeded?
Today, some may wonder why our governments are legislating laws contrary to the Bible and why the church is compromising the Word of God. It is the process of implementing This 10 Point Plan - A 50 year strategy of the NWO to fulfill its ultimate goal to establish a One World Government, a One World Economic system and a One World Religion. Today the strategy, almost in its entirety has been adopted by the United Nations and today a lot of it is already law in many nations. This deception has crept up by increments, unobserved by most people.

It can best be demonstrated through the well-known analogy of the frog in the pot of water. If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it is smart enough to know that it is in terrible danger and will immediately jump out to safety. But if you turn up the heat very slowly, a little at a time, it doesn’t notice the changes that are taking place and will slowly cook to death. Many people today are slowly cooking to death and don’t seem to realize how far they have come from where they once were.

NOTE: Today the Western World is not struggling to resist these points because the NWO and the New Age Movement focused primarily on the West from its inception. Contrary to popular belief and folklore, our country was not founded on Christianity.

It is interesting to note that Alice Bailey was a well known affiliate of freemasonry in her day. Albert Pike, a freemason you should research, referred to Freemasonry as the ‘custodian’ or special guardian of these occult secrets and revealed the hidden agenda of his institution, the forming of a Luciferic One World Government. I would also like to note that when I reference freemasonry, I am speaking of the york or scottish rite, not Prince Hall, EVEN THOUGH they take the same oaths, they do not "enjoy the same privileges". They do share the same spiritual bondage, though, because they take the same oaths.


  1. The destruction Of America that has already been implemented.

  2. This is so scarey to actually see what these liberal people have done to our precious country, & I do not think there is any bringing it back, all the is left is the JUDGEMENT OF CHRIST.

  3. All the above is being fulfillet before our very eyes but we know that there one true God of the Bible who will stand after all is said


  4. I have write and copy your 10 points on my Dutch blogspot is this ok?

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  6. I saw these points a year ago after looking at G.Craig Lewis series on Truth Behind Hip-Hop on how satanic music is along with it's ties to illuminati. We are experiencing everything she wrote being fulfilled today right before our very own eyes. That is way we must follow what Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. God Bless everyone and continue to sound the alarm and warn God's people.

  7. We are living under control of Alice Bailey's 10-point Plan of destroying the world

  8. We are living under control of Alice Bailey's 10-point Plan of destroying the world

  9. Hello, thanks for this post - it would be extremely valuable to have links to original sources of her saying these - any chance of that?

    1. There are many of Bailey's books on Amazon. I studied & then left her teachings for years & never heard of a 10 pt plan. I looked for it in books in my basement & never found it.

  10. Where is this written? What is the original source? Anyone have a link or title of the book?

    1. It is only written here, by this particular author. It does not appear in any of A. Bailey's books.

    2. You really have to read all of her books. One after another she suggests each of these destructive methods but she's not the first. I mean seriously, people! The woman was possessed!!! Her own husband said he didn't know who was in her body!!! Keep summoning demons with your idiotic yoga and eastern meditation, both Occultism and pretend you are serving God... Satan is that God!

  11. And here we are in 2017 with only 11 comments (mine makes 12). The masses are so uninformed/misinformed. It pains my heart. Read your "Bible". Read "Dispensational Truth" by Clarence Larkin. Read "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" by Frank Turek. Read "The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen. Understand these truths and live accordingly. It's not by chance you've read this or are interested in this material. God woo's us (Clarence Larkin) accept the call and work for the kingdom of Christ.

  12. I find it surprising that I have not heard of this until now. I am a prophecy buff, and am in awe of prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes, but this 10-point plan is crazy... I will research this to find out exactly what she wrote, although i do appreciate you commentary on this. One more thing to mention is that my mentor and I have been discussing the Emergent Church and the New Age movement. Churches are following these false teachers by the droves. We are truly living in an incredible time of history and I look forward to the imminent return of Jesus for His church!

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    1. You remove a comment, because?

      I would very much like to know where exactly you are quoting from, in Mrs Bailey's books. You are spreading false rumours to justify your own fears and suspicions. Look further than esotericism.

    2. EVERY genuine believer in the real God knows this. It's not laid out in 10 points for dummies like it is here but every single thing is mentioned throughout her works in subtle effect. Do you think Satan, your God is stupid??? The great invocation is designed tp serve SATAN, dolt!!!

  14. Some of this is totally a lie. As a former member of her school, I can guarantee you that she never promoted promiscuity or homosexuality. Quite the opposite. She promoted balance in life & a loving family life. She was a loving mother to her own daughters. Yes, she did believe in a greater world order & her belief in CHRIST'S return is controversial, but much of this is just made up by people who never really studied the teachings. And most "liberal" people never read or even heard of Bailey so stop passing on her ideas like it's a big deal in the world. As a member of the Arcane School for years I never was presented with her 10 pt plan

    1. Hahaha, another puppet for Satan. Wake up, idiot.

  15. Let me add one more thing: as a believer in reincarnation, The Bailey books stated that those born homosexual bring that in to this life from a previous incarnation.But other urges for homosexuality or any kind of promiscuity were due to a life out of balance. She taught a lot about 'glamour' which she would say this world is overwhelmed with today & which prevents clear & balanced. Watchful thinking.So to blame todays glamours on her teachings is another delusional idea about her ideas. I am a member of an Orthocox Christian Church today but the Bailey teachings brought me much stability & balance and celibacy in my more liberal days. Makes me wonder what kind of out of balance mind thought some if this up.

    1. Hi Rebecca,i used to share your views on A.B WHOLE HEARTEDLY.As a prior student of occult philosophy,i have read a major portion of the entire 24 volumes of her works..i agree that this '10 point plan' is certainly nowhere to be found within her books..not surprising to me now,given it is highly contradictory to the concepts largely expressed within those books..Her close connection to the U.N precepts of her time 'does' become self evident,and is also supported by the modern articulation of her works by Sara & Dale Mckecknie of Lucis Trust..formerly 'Lucifer' Trust,the entity founded by A.B..My own studies & research have taken me across diverse terrain, including wide ranging areas of the geo-political landscape over the past 10 years. This 'journey'has uncovered pertinent anomalies & inconsistencies of such trepidation,as to provoke a substantial re- evaluation of my perceived evolving understanding of spiritual philosophy and esoteric knowledge.These 'uncertainties' could not be adequately expressed within the current time and space of this forum however, and could in any case be only 'somewhat' understood without having undertaken the 'journey' oneself.I will 'also' acknowledge that 'reading' and'ingesting'these inspired writings throughout that period,provided much needed 'stability' & 'balance',due to my unique search for answers and healing,brought about by my identity crisis from an adoptive upbringing,and unresolved emotional trauma from experiences early in life.This history and resultant 'agnostic' world-view,has enabled the 'ever-expanding' consciousness to persistently pursue and appreciate the value of that pursuit,as ongoing indefinitely for the purpose of 'Ultimate Truth'.Suffice to say..THERE IS TRUTH beyond the pages of A.B & D.K, H.P.B, Besant,and the endless array of 'occult' writings that indulge the enquiring mind... I now urge,where possible,that opposing views explore,and are explored in the interest of 'Ultimate Truth'...

    2. The mere fact that you support occult practices makes your opinion utterly useless. YoureY a puppet for Satan. Stop sugar coating ir!!

  16. I believe both parties are responsible for all this . I lift up our nation and world to GOD the Father that he guide us in truth without fear. May God bless us all.

  17. i believe everything said, i dont care to further research, because everything said is happening before my own eyes. I must need read her 24volumes to agree with this blogger. Thanks for sharing

  18. I'm writing a book series and will implement this as it is also on various other sources. She didn't actually detail out and list this plan as you see here, but everything is mentioned in her planetary logos in code. Decode it!

  19. These things have already come upon us but one thing I trust is, God's ways are way higher than those of men. No man ever fights God and ends up successful Soon something will breakout to reverse and undo whatever has been done

  20. Also, look up a document called the Homosexual Agenda or the Homosexual manifesto. In it you'll find that the homosexual agenda is part of a then intentional 100 year plan to be fulfilled in America. It includes the gay rights movement and gay marriage.

  21. Communists of old used guns and tanks to take over a nation. Today, cultural Marxists take a nation over from within.